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We have been working steady for the past month and have made great headway towards the final goal. The first two molds are nearly complete and ready to create parts. Marge and I have invested an additional $5,000 (totaling $15,000 cash plus sweat equity) into the project and are about to hit another wall (financially).

We have done a budget analysis and will require an additional $10,000 to $15,000 for the completion of the Main Hull Molds. This amount only covers the cost of building the plugs and creating the molds. We still don't have a boat to sell or sail.

We have performed an exhaustive cash flow analysis and have some very exciting results.

We will require a total of $40,000 to complete our goals. Based on building two boats a month, we can provide an investor nearly a 25% annual return on investment.

Our plan is to produce the first 5 boats and sell for an amazing price of $14,995. Once we have 5 boats out sailing we will ramp up production to build two boats per month. With the increased overhead, we will need to raise the price to $19,995.

Two Ways to invest in Charlotte Harbor Sails and the Exciting new X19 Trimaran Sailboat.

1. We need FIVE to EIGHT investors at $5,000 each which may consist of a deposit on the purchase of one of the first 8 boats off the production floor for a total sale price of $14,995 + tax, title, and destination fees.
2. One or more investors to Invest a total of $40,000, and participate in a percentage share in up to 25% of the profits in the business.

We are open to suggestions. Don't really want to go through the crowd funding process and would rather deal with individuals who are willing to place their trust in our ability to produce a quality performance sail boat.

Contact John via phone or text at 941 x 677 a 2459

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