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Thank You for visiting the all new Charlotte Harbor Sails website.  We are in the process of recreating the site after a server crash a few months ago.  Keep coming back to see the changes and updates to this site. 

Some of the coming pages will include:

  1. Complete description of the CHS X19 Trimaran Sailboat
  2. Ships Store with sailing and power boating accessories
  3. Rigging Specialties
  4. Services

We can finish your project, fiberglass or wood. Refinish your boats dull n dingy fiberglass n paint.

Gelcoat, wet sanding, polishing, buffing, detailing, painting, cleaning, washing, bottom painting

Small Boats only On Trailer only

Fees Start at $10 per foot.

We specialize in sailboat refinishing, bulkhead replacement, keel repair, rigging, sails, fairing, blister repair, remove bottom paint, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, awlgrip.

Make your favorite boat look like new again.


Gelcoat, wet sand, polish, buff, detail, paint, clean, wash, bottom paint, rig, sail, fair, refinish

CHS X19 Trimaran Sailboat


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